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Sample Size Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

Gorgeous silk designer eye masks

Sprayology - fabulous liquid vitamins and relief sprays

Herban Essentials incredible essential oil infused towelettes

Learn about Satisfaction - Women's Pleasure Enhancement Cream to enhance your sensitivity

Spongeables luscious soap sponges

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You Deserve Something Absolutely Fabulous!

Contemporary * Distinctive * Unique

Limited Edition Art BucklesPop Tart Buckle Designer Card Cases
Saworski Crystal Compacts Dollface Compact Shimmery Designer Key Rings

We believe that fashion should be an outward expression of the fabulous individual you are. Unfortunately, there haven't been a lot of pieces worthy of representing you to the fullest - until now! These incredible, trend-setting accessories can actually live up to your discriminating tastes and then some! Our limited edition, quality cast, lead-free, pewter belt buckles are crystallized with loads of genuine, sparkling Swarovski Crystals. Every buckle is created individually for you to present as a collectible limited-edition work of art. Display your passion and zest for life with our ultra-hot accesories from key rings to card cases to mirrored compacts. Start your collection today!

Note - All of these pieces are made to order specially for you. The design and curing process can take up to 30 working days so they do take time. Believe me they are more than worth it - they are absolutely gorgeous!

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Find out about the products in this product line including card cases, limited edition belt buckles, key rings and gorgeous mirrored compacts.

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