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Sprayology - fabulous liquid vitamins and relief sprays

Gorgeous limited edition belt buckles by this designer

Fantastic designer silk eye masks

Learn about Satisfaction - Women's Pleasure Enhancement Cream to enhance your sensitivity

Spongeables luxuriously fragrant soap infused sponges

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Shimmery Designer Key Rings

Choose one or many to create a collection of HIP accessories!
(Click on a key ring for more details.)

Turbo-charge your keys and give them something worth showing off. Our shiny illustrated leather key rings are lightweight and elegantly styled with top grain black leather and chrome accents.

  • Classic black leather keyring with custom illustrated medallion.
  • Comes equipped with 1 1/4" nickel split ring.
  • Measurements: 1" (L) x 3" (H)
  • Limited supplies of each illustration available
  • Introductory price of only $16.00
Note - All of these pieces are made to order specially for us. If we don't have them on hand, we'll request them for you the day you place your order. The design and curing process can take up to 30 working days so they do take time. Believe me they are more than worth it - they are absolutely gorgeous!

Additional information:

Learn about the other products in this product line including card cases, limited edition belt buckles and gorgeous mirrored compacts.

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Ordering Options

Name Price Quantity

Fabulous Blonde Key Ring :
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Flirtini Key Ring :
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Exotic Key Ring :
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Nautigirl Key Ring :
See more details.
Shopping Key Ring :
See more details.
Fabulous Brunette Key Ring :
See more details.
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