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Sample Size Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

See the gorgeous mirrored compacts by this designer

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Fun, hip shower caps to beautify your bathing experince

Incredible glam fur and rhinestone bags

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Designer Card Cases

Choose one or many to create a collection of HIP accessories!
(Click on a card case for more details.)


The Designer Card Case is the smart accessory that is on duty both night and day, even when you need to go from last night's party to this morning's boardroom, because they easily hold credit cards, your driver's license, or important business cards.

Like all of the designer products in this line, these card cases aren't just cool accessories, but individual works of art.

  • The silver plated, laquer coated case is the right size to carry your money or hold credit cards, business cards or your id. Who needs a wallet with this little gem?
  • Made complete with hand-drawn artistic illustrations that make them fun and collectible.
  • Introductory price of only $26.00
Note - All of these pieces are made to order specially for us. If we don't have them on hand, we'll request them for you the day you place your order. The design and curing process can take up to 30 working days so they do take time. Believe me they are more than worth it - they are absolutely gorgeous!

Additional information:

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Ordering Options

Name Price Quantity
Fabulous Blonde Card Case:
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Fancy Card Case:
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Fabulous Brunette Card Case:
See more details.

De La Fleur Card Case:
See more details.


Fresh Card Case:
See More details.

Flirt Card Case:
See more details.
Super Star Card Case:
See more details.
Pink Lady Card Case:
See more details.
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