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Fantastic keyrings by this designer

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Gorgeous Designer Mirrored Compacts

Choose one or many to create a collection of HIP accessories!
(Click on a compact for more details.)

The ultra-sleek silver casing of our compacts feature four beautiful rows of securely embellished, sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Each compact takes considerable time and expertise to create as it is truly a piece of Functional Art.

Measurements: 2.25 inches x 2.25 inches to easily fit into your makeup bag or desk drawer.

We only use 100% Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

  • Introductory price of only $34.95
Note - All of these pieces are made to order specially for us. If we don't have them on hand, we'll request them for you the day you place your order. The design and curing process can take up to 30 working days so they do take time. Believe me they are more than worth it - they are absolutely gorgeous!

Additional information:

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Ordering Options

Name Price Quantity
Dollface Mirrored Compact:
See more details.
Aqua Velva Mirrored Compact:
See more details.
Exotic Mirrored Compact:
See more details.
Poodle Mirrored Compact:
See more details.
Seafoam Mirrored Compact:
See more details.
Fuschia Martini Mirrored Compact:
See more details.
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