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Make Your Shower A Pampering, Invigorating Getaway!

Spongeables are one of the greatest bath inventions of all time! Your bath and shower experience can be more relaxing than ever!

For the first time, you can exfoliate, massage, cleanse and moisturize your skin with a single product and be able to use it again and again ... for at least 7 or more showers. SPONGEABLES™ infuses luxurious, natural glycerin and olive oil-based soap into a colorful, hypoallergenic sponge. Rich, creamy, long-lasting lather will rinse clean in hard or soft water, (the only product on the planet that can make this claim!).

Drench your body in the luscious scents of Spongeables wafting through your bathroom. Invigorate your senses with:

Sweet Jasmine

Citrus Basil

Marine Sunrise

Lemon Berry

Cucumber Melon

Sunkissed Fig

Spicy Mango

Fresh Lavender

Oh, and in case you had a few questions about Spongeables:

Q: Eventually, my Spongeables will run out of soap. What should I do with the sponge?

A: You can use it like any quality sponge. Recycle it as an aerating planter. Just rinse it well, cut into little pieces and add to your potting soil. The double-blown pore structure of the sponge aerates the soil while retaining moisture.

Q: How do I know that SPONGEABLES are safe?

A: A gentle glycerin and olive based soap is self-preserving. Did you know that the massaging action combined with a soapy formulation is the safest way to kill germs without reducing the skin's own protective powers?

Q: Can SPONGEABLES be used on sensitive skin?

A: Yes, you may want to soften it up by squeezing it tightly before using. If you are sensitive to certain fragrances, then you might be sensitive to our fragrances. That is why we have fragrance-free variants.

Q: Are SPONGEABLES natural?

A: Yes, the soap formula contains cleansing ingredients derived only from nature, such as olive oil, coconut oil and palm oils. None is derived from animal fats or petrochemical sources. All the oils used to make SPONGEABLES' soaps are vegetable-based and come from renewable resources.

Q. How are SPONGEABLES made?

A: SPONGEABLES uses a new production process that combines innovative technology and ingenuity. Every SPONGEABLES™ is manufactured to exacting standards using the highest quality materials for super absorbency and time-released lather. The glycerin and olive oil soap has unique characteristics that required significant experimentation to develop. The hypoallergenic sponges are specially designed for the patent-pending process

Ingredients: Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Stearate, Sorbital, Olea Europaea Oil (Olive), Fragrance (Parfum), Wasabi Japonica Leaf Extract

Spongeables™ is patent-pending.

Additional information:

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Ordering Options

Name Price Quantity
Sweet Jasmine 7 Spongeables: $4.95
Citrus Basil 7 Spongeables: $4.95
Marine Sunrise 7 Spongeables: $4.95
Marine Sunrise 7 Spongeables: $4.95
Cucumber Melon 7 Spongeables: $4.95
Sunkissed Fig 7 Spongeables: $4.95
Spicy Mango 7 Spongeables: $4.95
Fresh Lavender 7 Spongeables: $4.95
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