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Mint Lovers -
Prepare to Enter Tastebud Heaven!

Oral Fixation are the highest quality mints made in America. Period. Packaged by Henry, Jeremy and Jon in stunning minimalist brushed metal tins, reminiscent of 1920's cigarette cases.

Using only the very best ingredients, these mints are pressed by hand at the Pennsylvania mint factory.

Available in six mouth-watering, gourmet mint flavors including:

Mojito Mint

Although these mints may not have the same relaxing effect as an actual Mojito Cocktail, they are just as delicious and just as handy to help set the mood when out on the town. Our wildest flavor, Mojito Mint is like nothing you've tasted before. The Mojito Mint tin features a highball glass with the perfectly mixed cocktail, flanked by two sultry partygoers, sipping mojitos from long straws. inside the tins are sheets of wax paper showing a bawdy bartended, and mints imprinted with Cuban stars. Mojito Mints are surprisingly refreshing.

7 Deadly Cinnamon

Set your soul afire with our secret blend of Southern Chinese and American cinnamon flavor. Keeping up with our need for intensity, these hot mints will hit the spot for cinnamon lovers with the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. We’re proud to say that our cinnamon is one of the best cinnamon flavors ever created. The 7 Deadly Cinnamon tin is designed with a Garden of Eden Original Sin theme, with two snakes flanking the tell-tale eaten apple core. Inside the tins are sheets of wax paper printed with a googly-eyed Nostradamus, making an especially timely prediction. The mints are all engraved with "7".

Night Light

For students and professionals up late, we have created a compact, transportable alternative to 5 cups of joe. Our only mint made with brown sugar, Night Light is the perfect warm and spicy flavor for all those late nights. The delicious chai mints come in sleek black on black tins that will complement just about any nighttime activity you can imagine. Inside the dark tins are bright orange mints imprinted with the word "ON" and sheets of wax paper adorned with a stylized sunrise: it is indeed darkest just before the dawn. Used whenever a little caffeine fix is desired.

Classical Peppermint

We know that for many traditionalists, sometimes classic is best. That's why we've made our cool yet intense "Classical Peppermint" the tastiest peppermint available in the world. A strong peppermint flavor without the Altoids bite, the Classical Peppermint is made from the finest peppermint oil made.One of our most elegant flavors, A classical music theme runs throughout with treble clefs on the mints, conductors on the front, and a musical staff running alongside. The wax paper features a draft of Beethoven's Pathetique piano sonata, a favorite amongst many.

Spare Mint

For the minimalist in us all, we offer the astonishingly spare spearmint-flavored "Spare Mint". Inspired by our good friend Mies Van Der Rohe, we remind you that quite often, less is more. Very popular in classy museums and for weddings, this mint has a delicious refreshing flavor. Spare mint tins are painted flat white with exposed metallic embossing, and contain a sheet of wax paper printed simply with the word "SPARE".

Sugar Free Tibet

A cooling wintergreen flavor, which has the most mellow of all flavors for those times you aren’t looking for an intense mint. Tins of Sugar Free Tibet feature a yak atop Mount Everest, flanked by symmetrical rows of Tibetan prayer flags. The wintergreen mints inside are sugarfree, and imprinted with the word "free". 10% OF ALL proceeds from Sugar Fee Tibet are contributed towards finding a non-violent solution to the Chinese-Tibetan conflict.

All our mints are sugar-free, except for Night Light, which uses brown sugar to bring out the full flavor of spiced Chai. If you're interested, you can see a full list of ingredients for each flavor.

Now you can try all six flavors with our Oral Fixation 6-Pack sampler.

Contains one tin of each flavor: Classical Peppermint, 7 Deadly Cinnamon, Mojito Mint, Night Light, Spare Mint and Sugar-Free Tibet. Packaged in an illustrated gift box. Packaged in extremely cool brushed metal tins, these ultra-stylish mints come in six fabulous flavors and make perfectly hip everyday accessories. Spotted recently at the Oscars, the Grammys and Sundance, these sexy little packages are great conversation starters! (And when you've finished the mints, the tins can be used to carry cash, IDs or credit cards -- everything you need for a night on the town.)

Each tin contains 40 mints. Contains no animal products. Net wt 0.8 oz. Tin measures 2-3/8" W x 3-5/8" L x 1/4" H.

Who Likes Oral Fixation Mints?

Oral Fixation clients are among the most well-loved hotels, such as the Ritz-Carltons and the W Hotels, resorts, museums, Cultural Centers like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the New York Philharmonic, gift shops, restaurants, and cafes around the world. Now sold on five continents in over 700 locations, Oral Fixation's reputation for quality and style has spread far and wide.

Most of our customers are those who love style, quality, and great design can truly appreciate something different..

P.S. How much caffeine is in Night Light?

An entire tin of these mints is equivalent to about one jolt cola. So if you pop them, you will notice the difference, but just a few mints won’t keep you up all night. Enough caffeine to do the trick, but not enough to be a controlled substance - technically.

Additional information:

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