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So Absolutely Fabulous!

Fabulous Accessories and Innovative Health Products to Make Your Life Tastier, Healthier and Way More Fun!

Welcome to our NEW department featuring unusual, fantastic products for your health, beauty and well-being. We have scoured the globe to find the unique for those of us who enjoy something truly innovative and different. We will be adding exciting new products frequently so check here often to see what you didn't know you couldn't live without!

For now, come explore these new areas with us. And here's to the healthier, more relaxed, balanced, fantastic fashionista YOU:

Finally Finding The Easiest Way to Take Your Vitamins - In a Spray! These Fantastic Sprays Address Almost Every Vitamin or Symptom Relief Need You Can Think Of!

Sprayology Vitamins target four areas: Rejuvenation, Relief, Restoration or Rebuilding. These incredible natural sprays are formulated specifically to target your individual needs with products such as StressFree, SleepEase, RejuvenationPlus, MenoPower, PMSupport, Hair+Nail and many more. This is the easiest way for you to improve the vibrancy and quality of your life, from the inside out!

Greatly Improving Your Overall Health & Energy!

Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts

Pure Inventions Green Teas and Healthy Extracts in highly concentrated, delicious liquids hold the most effective antioxidents you can get in a dropper. One dropper of this yummy Green Tea extract has the same health benefits as drinking 20 cups of brewed Green Tea! And, the same innovations are available for bladder support and weight loss.

Having The Most Luxurious Sponge Bath Ever!

Spongeables are the most wonderful sponges soaked in fabulous soaps scented with fragrances of lemon, fig, mango and many more. These sponges last for shower... after shower.... after shower... (or bath.:-)

Having The Coolest Accessories in the Neighborhood!

Check out our new accessories by artist Chandra Michaels. These incredible belt buckles, card cases, compacts and key rings are one-of-a-kind pieces to die for! Many are limited editions so grab them while you can!

Eliminating Deodorant Stains on Your Clothes With the Flick of Your Wrist!

Miss Oops Sponges

Miss Oops can do just that! Forget about having to change or paying the dry cleaners - just wipe that stain away in a minute.

Bringing a WOW to Your Lips and Your Tastebuds With the Oral Fixation 6-Pack -The Most Delicious, Ingenious Mints Around!

Check out these unusual yummy mints with your very own six pack of flavors including originals like Mojito Lime, Chai Tea, Sparemint and more.

Bringing Your Unique Sense of Style Right into Your Shower!

These fun, hip shower caps not only keep your hair dry, they look great at the same time. See all of them!

Adding Even More Beauty to Your Beauty Sleep!

These gorgeous silk eye masks by designer Chris Notti keep the light out while the look of beauty is still shining bright. Pick one of many to suit your mood!

Discovering the Most Incredible Towelettes with Wonderful Aromatics of Essential Oils!

Herban Essentials towlettes are infused with the wonderful aromatic scents of lemon, lavender, peppermint or eucalytus. Oh, and if you have ever experienced a fear of flying, try out the Fear of Flying Kit - the natural way to rise above it all.

Adding a Little Fur and Rhinestones to Your Life!

These bags are some of the totally glam bags of all time. Get stopped every time you take yours out to play! Check out our unique rhinestone bags and belts.

Having a Little Fun With Some Very Entertaining Cats!

Hilarious Cat Tricks Magnets and Blank All Occasion Cards! Bring some laughter into your gifts and your home!

P.S. Check out the expanded So Absolutely Fabulous site with loads of fun products at:

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What's New In This Area

Incredible Spray Vitamins and Oral Relief Sprays for everything from acne and pms to fatique and allergies

Gorgeous Limited Edition, one of a kind Belt Buckles

Highly concentrated extracts for energy, bladder health and weight loss

Fragrant soap infused sponges for luxurious showers or bathtub soaking time

Miracle Sponges to eliminate deodorant stains on your clothes - Really!

Exciting new weight loss products!

Beautiful silk designer eye masks that spell wonderful, uninterrupted sleep

Essential Oil Infused Towelettes with incredible scents of lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon

The most unusual mints with yummy flavors liike mohito lime and chai tea

Fun shower caps to beautify your shower and keep your hair protected

Fabulous purses with rhinestone buckles - so glam!

Hilarious Cat Tricks Cards and Magnets!

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