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SleepEase Oral Spray to ease you into your beauty sleep

Sample Size Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

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You'll Fly Away - No Fear Naturally!












Fear of Flying Kit

The all natural remedies that this kit contains immediately make flying a more relaxing experience. Many travelers rely on alcohol to ease flight anxiety. As opposed to alcohol, this fear of flying therapy does not affect one's alertness and ability to function.

The Fear of Flying Kit allows those who do not understand the methodologies  of essential oils, herbal extracts, and homeopathy to enjoy their benefits. By packaging this combination of elements together, Herban Essentials offers the consumer a reliable therapy which has been researched and tested. The remedies can also be used to aid sleep if restlessness is experienced due to changes in time zone or unfamiliar surroundings.

The laminated, step-by-step direction card is easy to follow. Each kit contains approximately 30 uses. The procedure may be repeated for longer flights. The package is compact (6" high x 8" long x 2" wide and light - only 10 ounces).
The clear bag and small glass bottles are all re-usable.

Kit contains:

  •  Rescue Remedy - a homeopathic Bach Flower Remedy that has powerful anti-anxiety and stress relieving qualities.
  •  Valerian - a relaxant/sedative which contributes to an overall comfortable state of mind and body without a drugged feeling.
  •  Lavender Essential Oil - a relaxant that relieves the tension which flying causes. It specifically relieves stress-related conditions such as headaches and nervous tension. It is the only essential oil that can be applied directly on the skin without being diluted.
  •  Clary Sage Essential Oil - has anti-septic qualities that cleanse the surrounding air, eliminate odor, and destroy bacteria.
  •  Lemon Essential Oil Towelettes - invigorating, refreshing, and cleansing.

    Price: $48.00
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Name Price Quantity
Fear of Flying Kit $48.00
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