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Increase his sexual vitality!

Better sex in a spray? You bet. Now your partner can gain strength, improve his mood and increase his sexual desire with the help of ManPower. This thoroughly modern two sprays, three times a day sublingual treatment condenses centuries of holistic science to treat low male energy safely and naturally.

ManPower relieves the symptoms of low male energy, including; decreased sexual desire and vitality; muscular weakness; "irritability and the blues". This man empowering spray is a combination of 12 powerful ingredients including Korean ginseng and damiana to promote sexual excitement and potency; yellow lily for muscular weakness; and an infusion of homeopathic phosphoric acid to improve mood.

This spray is for adult men only. Simply spray twice under the tongue three times per day. Expect to see results in one to two weeks of regular use.

Sprayology homeopathic sprays are FDA regulated and are made in an FDA approved laboratory.

Relieves temporarily the symptoms of low male energy, including:

  • Decreased sexual desire and vitality
  • Muscular weakness
  • Irritability and "the blues"
Active Ingredients: Arnica Montana 3X, Caladium 6X, Orchitinum 6X, Ginseng 1X, Nuphar Luteum 1X, Damiana 2X, Agnus Castus 3X, Acidum Phosphoricum 200C, Lactuca Virosa 3X, Argentum Nitricum 30C. Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Alcohol 9%, Glycerin 10% v/v.

The therapeutic benefits of the ingredients described below are from clinical evidence reported in the major homeopathic materia medicas accepted throughout the world.

  • Decrease in sexual desire and vitality
    Orchitinum - treats male impotence, states of exhaustion and raises the level of vitality
    Korean Ginseng - supports sexual excitement
    Nuphar Luteum - for an absence of sexual desire and diminution of erections
    Damiana - relieves sexual nervousness and helps overcome impotency
    Argentum Nitricum - stimulates desire
    Lactuca Virosa - for circulation and impotency

  • Muscular weakness
    Pituitarum - stimulates muscular activity
    Korean Ginseng - used to increase strength and offset feelings of weakness
    Pancreatinum - helps balance pancreatic function, supporting the endocrine system
    Arnica Montana - acts as a muscular tonic
    Agnus Castus - increases sexual vitality
    Caladium - for loss of erection during excitement

  • Irritability and "the blues"
    Korean Ginseng - imparts a joyous sense of vigor
    Acidum Phosphoricum - treatment for mental exhaustion; overcomes feelings of indifference

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Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if transparent seal around the spray bottle is broken or missing.

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Name Price Quantity
ManPower Oral Spray : $32.00
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Special Value Discount Package Available With ManPower

ManPower SprayOne bottle of Turbo ProRenew and one bottle of ManPower Oral Spray

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